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    OKI MediaServer

    OKI MediaServer is an integrated platform of video distribution which realizes high quality video streaming services on IP network.

    What is the video streaming services on IP network

    OKI MediaServer

    1. Integrated IPTV Platform

    OKI MediaServer can be used for several IPTV services such as VOD(Video-on-Demand), live streaming, IP broadcasting (linear TV) and their combined services.

    2. Standard specifications based system ⇒VYOD (View on Your Own Device)

    • ITU-T IPTV standards, H.721, H.701 compliant
      → H.721 compliant connected TV can be used as a terminal.
    • De-facto standard, IETF HLS, compliant
      → Most of smart phone, tablet, smart TV (e.g., iPhone, iPad, Android terminals) can be used.
    • New standard (MPEG-DASH) conformity (*1)
      → Future smart phone, tablet, smart TV

    3. It supports the video service that we can watch anywhere anytime

    • In VOD service, viewers can rewind or forward the program by remote control anytime
    • In IP broadcast service (linear TV), viewers can choose a program by channel designation
    • "Start over Function" that can reproduce during the broadcast seeing and hearing anytime as VOD from a beginning
    • *1: the release will planned at the end of March, 2013

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