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  • Location: Home > About OKI > OKI Technical Review > 2018 No.232 "IoT of OKI" Contributing to Achivement of SDGs

    OKI Technical Review

    2018 No.232 "IoT of OKI" Contributing to Achivement of SDGs

    Approach to "Social Infrastructure x IoT" for SDGs [759KB] PDF

    Yuhiko Fujiwara

    Japan is facing a variety of social problems such as natural disasters, environmental problems and aging population. In 2015, the United Nations agreed on a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to solve the various social problems affecting the world, and countries have started efforts toward achieving those goals. With the vision of "Social infrastructure × IoT," OKI is also working to resolve social problems. This article introduces specific examples of OKI's efforts and its relationship with the SDGs.

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    Application of Lightweight Deep Learning Technology to AISION® [262KB] PDF

    Shozo Sakane, Takamitsu Watanabe

    Image IoT-GW is a gateway device that serves as the core of the image IoT system "AISION." This article introduces advanced image analysis, which is one of the gateway functions enabled by applying lightweight deep learning to the image IoT-GW.

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    Virtualization Technology of Optical Access Networks for Efficient 5G/IoT Services [345KB] PDF

    Masayuki Kashima, Yoshihiro Nakahira, Masahiro Sarashina, Hiroyuki Saitou, Shunji Okamoto

    OKI's answer to providing various communication services efficiently in the 5G/IoT era is the optical access network virtualization technology for mobile fronthaul/backhaul networks. This article introduces the technology along with OKI's international standardization efforts.

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