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  • Location: Home > About OKI > OKI Technical Review > 2015 No.225 "Monozukuri" Innovations (Manufacturing Innovations)

    OKI Technical Review

    2015 No.225 "Monozukuri" Innovations (Manufacturing Innovations)

    OKI’s Effort at Achieving the World’s No.1 Mechatronics Factory [590KB] PDF

    Kazuhiko Isobe

    We introduce OKI’s effort at achieving the "world’s No.1 mechatronics factory" leveraging the features of OKI’s productions in Japan and China with high-mix, low-volume production concept.

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    A4 Monochrome LED Printer & MFP developed with Common Platform -B400/B500 series & MB400/MB500 series- [588KB] PDF

    Hiroyuki Hayashi, Ryuichi Kohara, Isao Kitano, Satoshi Yamamoto, Tatsuya Takagi

    This article introduces the "A4 monochrome LED printer: B400/500 series" and "A4 monochrome LED MFP: MB400/500 series" developed using a common platform that improved development efficiency, shortened delivery and enabled the simultaneous launch of multiple models.

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