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  • Location: Home > About OKI > OKI Technical Review > 2014 No.224 ICT to Realize a Safe and Comfortable Society

    OKI Technical Review

    2014 No.224 ICT to Realize a Safe and Comfortable Society

    M2M Smart Network Solutions utilizing 920MHz Wireless Modules [976KB] PDF

    Hiroyuki Takahashi, Takanori Gojou, Yoshiyuki Yakabe, Hiroshi Hashizume, Takamitsu Shimada

    OKI’s smart network solutions are built around 920MHz wireless multi-hop modules that can be incorporated into a variety of "things" for connection to a network. The solutions additionally provide gateways for accommodating the wireless modules into the wide area network, M2M platform that enables applications to access the sensor network and system construction that includes industry-specific applications.

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    Operation Test of Solar Photovoltaics Power Remote Control using 920MHz Radio Multi-hop Network [1.2MB] PDF

    Kentaro Yanagihara, Masayuki Nishikawa, Motohiro Tanabe, Takeshi Okamoto

    With the large-scale introduction of solar photovoltaics power, it has been pointed out there is a need to control output of each home through external communication as a countermeasure to surplus power. Using the 920MHz wireless multi-hop technology as the means to communicate with the homes, an operation test of a two-way communication system was conducted at Rokkasho Village from 2012 to 2013. The overview and results of the test are presented in this article.

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    Data Authentication for Software Updates redistributed by Wireless Multi-hop Nodes [267KB] PDF

    Taketsugu Yao, Jun Nakashima, Kiyoshi Fukui

    One of the remote management capabilities of the 920MHz wireless multi-hop network is the software update function. A method is proposed that will uniquely authenticate the update’s original distributor and prevent the introduction of unauthorized data allowing efficient update distribution via multicast or proxy. Proposed method can be realized using symmetrical key cryptography, which is normally available in 920MHz wireless devices.

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    WDM/TDM-PON High Functionality Transceiver Technology for High-quality, Low-power Consumption Optical Access Network [532KB]PDF

    Masayuki Kashima, Hideyuki Iwamura, Norikazu Fujita, Toshiaki Mukojima

    The goal of the optical access is to provide a higher quality service and work toward the achievement of a smart community, which promises a safe and comfortable society. This requires significant bandwidth expansion and a function for flexible allocation of the bandwidth. Therefore, research and development of a high-quality/low power consumption optical radio fusion network based on WDM/TDM-PON is underway. This article introduces a high functionality transceiver technology that includes an optical booster, optical preamplifier and waveform shaping process to be applied to WDM/TDM-PON optical transceiver for improving transmission performance.

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    River Monitoring System [598KB] PDF

    Koichi Izumi, Masaki Matsudaira, Tsutomu Nagashige

    Data from water level and rainfall sensors installed at facilities such as floodgates located along small-and-medium-sized rivers are collected/"visualized" allowing for an accurate, real-time quantitative situational awareness at local governments’ disaster response headquarters. This article introduces OKI’s newly developed river monitoring system.

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