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  • Location: Home > About OKI > OKI Technical Review > 2011 No.218 Solutions and Services Business

    OKI Technical Review

    2011 No.218 Solutions and Services Business

    Solutions and Services Business [246KB] PDF

    Seiji Mouri

    This article introduces OKI’s solutions business backed by the company’s strong knowledge of business operations and services business primarily focusing on OKI’s cloud service "EXaas".

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    Cloud Service "EXaaS™" [799KB]PDF

    Yasushi Date, Masahiro Kawahara, Koji Shimazaki, Jiro Naniwa

    This article introduces the concept and features of OKI’s cloud service "EXaas", which is an extension of the traditional cloud services. The article also presents the service menu available with EXaaS and actual service examples for different business sectors.

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    World’s thinnest A4 color LED MFP with automatic duplex-scanning and printing units equipped: MC361/561 [1.3MB] PDF

    Hirotomo Nonaka, Hidenori Ueda, Yoshihiko Yoshida, Yoshitaka Nishiyama

    This article introduces the newly developed "MC361/MC561" A4 color MFPs that are faster, smaller and more eco-friendly than previous MFPs, but comes standard with auto-duplex scanner and auto- duplex printer units.

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    Standardization Trend for IPTV audience measurement [344KB] PDF

    Hideki Yamamoto

    The popularity of IPTV is spreading with the growing availability of broadband. Since information regarding IPTV users is important in creating new services, standardization efforts are currently underway. This article presents an overview of IPTV audience measurement, standardization trends and OKI’s initiatives.

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