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  • Location: Home > About OKI > OKI Technical Review > 2005 No.203 Special Issue on Devices

    OKI Technical Review

    2005 No.203 Special Issue on Devices

    Development of ML2881, a Mobile DLS Sound Generator and MP3 Decoder LSI [104KB] PDF

    Shusaku Maeda, Naotaka Saito, Kaoru Tsukamoto

    Ring tones of GSM mobile phones are in the process of evolving. The Mobile DLS sound generator, which makes it possible to change the musical instruments of the ring tones to suit the characteristics of GSM mobile phones to make the very same terminal usable around the world, has now been approved by the standardization organization for GSM mobile phones, "3GPP". This paper will describe the configuration and functions of the ML2881, which is our first product to support the Mobile DLS sound generator and MP3.

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    In-vehicle Information Terminal System LSI [126KB] PDF

    Hiroyasu Noda, Kazumasa Ozawa, Satoshi Takamura, Eiji Komoto

    We developed a high performance and highly sophisticated in-vehicle information terminal system LSI, the ML673500, which is capable of supporting various applications, such as car navigation systems, in a flexible manner. This paper introduces the targeted systems of this LSI, as well as a summary of its functions and features. Furthermore, descriptions of future product developments will also be provided.

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    Development of Radio Frequency Circuit Using Silicon-on-Sapphire (SOS) Technology [85KB] PDF

    Ken Fujita, Takashi Kuramochi, Masakatsu Satoh, Shuji Itoh

    An antenna switch, low-noise amplifier and voltage-controlled oscillator have been implemented using transistors and inductors fabricated on silicon-on-sapphire substrates. Their characteristics are discussed in terms of the silicon-on-sapphire technology.

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    Development of P2ROM™ with Embedded Gate Arrays [69KB] PDF

    Yoshimasa Sekino, Hiroyuki Fukuyama

    Development times were shortened with the creation of an ASIC methodology for interface designs that require customization, through the general-purpose P2ROM with embedded gate arrays. Loading of a security function was considered and its validity was verified as an application example.

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    ML9156: A Liquid Crystal Television Driver Enables Display of One Billion Colors [94KB] PDF

    Toshio Teraishi

    The ML9156 is a 10-bit source driver and a product that incorporated the trend of multiple gray levels for liquid crystal television sets early on. The mass production and shipment of this product have already started. This paper outlines a functional summary and describes featured performances.

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    Development of 10Gbit/s EMwL-TOSA [113KB] PDF

    Yoshihiko Kobayashi, Munechika Kubota

    The demand for 10Gbps optical communication equipment in metro networks is increasing rapidly due to the large-scale expansion of optical networks. This paper describes the EMwL-TOSA we developed, which is used at the core of the XFP module, a 10Gbps compact transponder for 40km transmissions used in such systems.

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